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Rothco Wool Gloves

Black wool gloves. Available in packages of 3.


4 Leg Camp Stool

4 leg camp stool available in camo, royal blue and green.


Rothco Fingerless Wool Gloves

Black fingerless wool gloves. Available in packages of 3.


Thermasilk Women's Silk Pointelle Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Pullov

Scoop neck pullover made of knitted silk from Thermasilk.


Jumbo Mussette Bag in Olive Drab

Mussette bag with adjustable shoulder and backpack straps.


New BDU Trousers

Heavy duty trousers sewn to military specifications. Brand new, never worn.


Thermasilk Men's Jersey Crew Pullover - #481

Pure silk knitted jersey crew pullover from Thermasilk.


Wool Scarf

Wool scarf in army green.


Military Issue Snowshoes

New GI Military Issue Snowshoes. Made with titanium frame and cable webbing. Brand new, never used.


Bear Paw Snowshoes

Used durable bear paw snowshoes - made with metal frames and leather webbing. (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.)


Stainless Steel BWCA Mug

9 ounce stainless steel camper mug with carabiner handle.


Thermasilk Men's Long Underwear - #483

Pure silk knitted underwear for men from Thermasilk.


Parachute Cargo Bag

Parachute cargo bag includes reinforced web handles. Made of heavy weight cotton canvas.


Thermasilk Women's Silk Pointelle Pant - #S486

Pure silk knitted pant for women with delicate pointelle pattern.


European Style Rucksack in Olive Drab

Made of heavy-weight cotton canvas, this rucksack includes plenty of pockets.


GI Style Poncho in Olive Drab

100% waterproof military-spec poncho. Covers both you and your back.

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