DownUnders Orthotic Footbeds

These orthotic footbeds are like bucket seats for your feet - with plenty of sizes to choose from!

The most technically advanced off-the-shelf footbed; step by step creates a custom biomechanical foot support, like "Bucket Seats" for your feet. Through their design, the EVA stabilizer structure gradually adapts to the shape of the feet and shoes amid use to improve foot comfort, reducing foot/leg fatigue, and improving body balance. The deep heel cup is truly amazing. It molds for an exacting fit around the heel, positioning the heel's calcanus bone over a shock-absorbing heel bubble for increased shock absorption. The arches score great support too! When the foot's arches are compressed between the body's weight and the hard ground, the dynamic cradling chassis adapts, forming a deeper, more supportive foot cradle - like beach sand! Built with a Honey-Comb dual-density foam structure, DownUnders provide long lasting durability and comfortable performance. Effective for walking, running, racquet sports, skiing, and better foot comfort! Other features include:


  • Custom Molds To Your Arch:Mirrors your natural arch contours; lifts and holds your arch in its natural position, reducing over-use injuries with over-pronation, flat feet, and weak arches.


  • Deep Heel Cup with Tear-Drop Bubble: Molds, creating an exact fit, neutrally aligning the heel for comfort, performance, shock absorption, heel spur protections and ankle pain.


  • Very Durable: Insulates from heat / cold, wicks moisture away, is hypo-allergenic, and is very durable and long-lasting.


  • Forefoot Performance: Supports the forefoot, spreading the body weight properly across the toes. Aligns the toes, helping bunions, nerve injuries, and protecting the soft tissue under the metatarsals.


  • Self-Molding Heel Cup: Cradles and protects at heel strike.


  • Self-Molding Arch: Custom aligns your foot with each step.


  • Mid-Foot Bubble: Softly spreads weight equally across the toes.


  • DownUnders are available in Men sizes 3 – 15 and women sizes 4 – 12. For ½ sizes, size up to the next whole size.


  • Style Number P01.
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